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Healing with herbal medicine has been part of the Mexican culture for centuries;

Those of us who grew up with healing herbs can recall a time sitting in our Abuelita’s kitchen and watched as she prepared you a cup of Manzanilla (chamomile) tea for your aching belly. As you sit and wait, you see the fresh tea boiling and smell the lovely fragrance of the herb as it brews over the stove. You take a sip of the warm tea and as it slowly moves down your throat, you instantly feel relief. Healing with herbal medicine has been a vital part of cultures from all over the world and for thousands of years. The first recording detailing herbal medicine dates back to 2800 BCE during the Shen Nung dynasty. The use of healing with medicinal herbs continues to this day as an alternative to conventional medicine.


  1. Our family has been selling herbal remedies for over 70 years and we have witnessed countless testimonials of the effective health benefits and the positive results of using herbal remedies.
  2. Herbs are easily absorbed by the body’s bloodstream and less damaging to your organs as opposed to conventional medicine.
  3. Herbal formulas can be combined with other alternative healing treatments like reiki, acupuncture and massage therapy.
  4. Herbal treatments have fewer side effects.
  5. Herbal medicine has been used for over five thousand years and has been passed down from generation to generation; throughout many cultures around the world.
  6. Herbal remedies are affordable.
  7. Herbal remedies in capsule or tea form are natural and free of artificial colors, sweeteners and other chemical substances.
  8. Drinking herbal teas offer an experience by elevating your senses and connecting you to mother earth.
  9. The production of herbal products is less damaging to the environment.
  10. Herbs take longer to expire as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs.

I have learned so much growing up in an herbal shop and will be eternally grateful for the experience. As I recall my memories of the past, I can still see my grandmother in her herbal garden cutting basil and rosemary and placing the stems in a bucket of water. My grandmother Angelita loved displaying fresh herbs in the shop and offering them to her customers.

At our store, I still see my mother carefully separating herbs and blending her herbal formulas. To this day, our mother Lucia continues to offer the business her expertise as an herbalist. We welcome you to our site and wish you the best of luck as you pursue your new and exciting journey to grow a healthy and happy Familia.

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