Lucia’s Lucky Charms


Feel the Magic – “Las Reliquias de Lucia”

Purchase my unique charms for love, protection, and prosperity.


“My mother, Angelita was an herbalist and a gifted spiritual healer. When my mother was alive, she taught me about the secrets and powers behind rituals, stones, and amulets. During our conversations here at our store she used tell me, “Mija every customer is a special person that seeks our guidance to bring hope for a better tomorrow.”

“Allow me to prepare your own personal reliquia to address your specific problem. Each amulet is one of a kind and fixed and dressed with my secret articles. You will attract positive energy into your life and be granted power, peace, prosperity and love. Special Charms and Magic Boxes.”

Buena Suerte, Lucia.

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  1. Hi, Lucia, just wanted know do make something for man? If so do I need to be there for it? I I’m going through a divorce right now things have not gone right for me, but I just want something good for me to change my ways I want to know how to be a better man , I was married for 32 yr and left me and my girls about 10 time, but I would take her back Everytime, so now I She in San Antonio TX with her sister she says but I have a feeling that is is living with someone else? I want to know if there anything I get to start my business to get back on my feet and rent home so one of my girl she is staying with me and two of my grandkids also can you tell me if you can help me!