Cleansing Services

Special Cleansing from the Holy Land

In person cleansing by Doron Avaknin

In person cleansing

Healer, Doron Avaknin was born and raised in Israel. In a private setting, Doron will pray over you in the Hebrew language while burning spiritual incense as he concentrates on your unique situation. As he is performing the limpia (Cleansing) you will feel the weight of the negative energy lifting. A spiritual cleansing can be used for a variety of circumstances; Cleanse to find employment, for a pending court case, good health, envy, success in business, peace in your home and protection from negative energy as well as cleansing your love life.

Over the phone cleansing by Doron Avaknin

Over the phone cleansing

If you are unable to come by our store for the in person cleansing, we offer over the phone cleansing. Select a date and time for your cleansing so we can set an appointment. For your phone limpia, we recommend that you sit by a window or outdoors in order to receive Doron’s healing blessings. Once the day and time is selected, Doron will call you. During the cleansing, close your eyes as he begins the prayer and receive the powerful blessing prayer.

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