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The Women behind the formula

herbalists behind the Te De La Famila

The Te de La Familia fertility support herbal formula was originally formulated by our grandmother, Angelita Garza Orea over sixty years ago. Our grandmother Angelita born in 1899, was an herbalist who grew her own variety of herbs and studied the health benefits of herbs extensively. Angelita formulated an herbal fertility support product to help women conceive naturally. Our grandmother grew up during a time when healing with herbal products was a customary part of the culture as her access to traditional medicine was limited.

Our grandmother taught everything she knew about herbal teas to our mother Lucia. Over the years, our mother Lucia continued to study herbal medicine and further enhanced the Te de La Familia formula by researching the most beneficial herbs that improve the chances of conceiving.

She incorporated these herbs into the Te de la Familia herbal blend formula which is the fertility tea that we sell today. Lucia also studied the benefits of detoxification in preparation for pregnancy and formulated our Fertility Detox tea.

Lucia’s research also found that the detoxification process was also important for men and she recommended that couples drink the detoxification tea in preparation for pregnancy. Her study concluded that herbal tea detoxification was essential in balancing hormones in the body and cleaning vital organs from damaging toxins. A body free from toxins helps to combat interference with the natural procreation process and promotes fertility in both men and women.

Lucia also formulated Maximo herbal blend formula for men. Our Mother also researched the benefits of herbs to improve hormone balance and fertility in men. Maximo herbal formula provides sperm count and blood circulation support. Maximo herbal supplement also provides the body with nutrients to maintain healthy organs and promotes a healthy libido.

Lucia has witnessed countless families over the years whose dreams have come true by following the Te de La Familia fertility herbal program. Her strong commitment to healing your body with herbal medicine lives on to this day. Lucia continues to play an active role in the operation of the business by offering her expertise as an herbalist in the development and promotion of herbal products.

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