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Saint Benedict Silver Coin

As a Catholic I pray to many saints and some of my favorites are Saint Theresa, Saint Jude and San Martin de Porres. I enjoy reading about the history of the lives of Saints and especially appreciate the fact that most saints we not only delivering a Christian message but were amazing humanitarians. Many Saints are canonized for their miracles and some Saints are attributed for different virtues. Saint Benedict of Nursia was a Catholic monk born around March 480. Saint Benedict founded twelve communities of monks at Subiaco, Lazio, Italy around forty miles east of Rome.

During his life as a monk, a man at a monastery that opposed his Christian views attempted to poison him. Saint Benedict prayed over the poison cup and it shattered. Saint Benedict is a powerful Saint and will help you overcome dangerous and difficult situations. He is also the patron Saint to fight Satan.

The Saint Benedict Medal is considered one of the most powerful medallions in the world. The words inscribed on the medal are as follows:

“ Begone Satan, I will not drink from thy poison!”

The Saint Benedict Medal has many powers and virtues.

Use this medallion for one or more of the following purposes and can help you with different circumstances:

  • When you are in danger, this medallion offers protection
  • When you are faced with temptation, this medallion offers strength
  • When you are ill mentally, physically or spiritually, this medallion offers to heal against suffering
  • This medal removes evil spirits and witchcraft
  • This medal protects you from betrayal
  • This medal protects you from storms on land, sea as well as other natural disasters
  • This cross protects and heals animals from disease

Carry this medal in your pocket, wear as jewelry, place in the car, your work or home or on your pet.

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