Candle Burning Services

Let us burn your special needs candles

Candle Burning Service, candles for love, money, protection, peace, envy, legal battles, employment & more. If you cannot burn your candles at home or you need extra help to reach your goals, this service is for you. Your very own private altar. We work together to address and fight your specific problem head-on. Share your deepest desires and let us help you on your journey. For international orders email us at

New Years Candle Altar

Peaceful Home Unity Altar

Renew the love bonds in the family; Can also help reunite and return a lost family member. Petition Guardian Angels to restore faith, love and kindness to your home.

Miracle Candle Altar

Saint Jude makes the impossible, possible and grants miracles. In the bible, the image of a rainbow is associated with new beginnings and granting miracles.

Speedy Assistance Candle Altar

When you need speedy assistance to resolve a difficult situation, San Expedito will grant your request.

Real Estate Candle Altar

Petition for a home or sell your home fast. Grants housing, financial assistance and positive credit checks. An ideal candle if you are in the real estate business.

Love Interference Candle Altar

Block the jezebel that is interfering in your love life. Removes blind lust and restores your relationship. Defeat your spiritual enemy with a Jezebel candle.

Sage Cleansing Candle Altar

Removes bad spirits, bad influences and negative feelings. A Sage cleansing candle restores balance, peace, love and prosperity.

Court Case Altar

Attracts positive energy so you can win your court case. This candle grants victory, justice and promotes fairness as you fight your court battle.

Come to Me Love Candle Altar

This candle will attract positive love energy and reunite you with the person that you love or desire. If you want a long term loving relationship, this candle altar is for you.

Rode Opener-Abre Camino Altar

This candle will guide you towards a positive journey. It will open doors for success, money, prosperity and new beginnings.

Lucky Gambler’s Candle Altar

Hit the jackpot at casino games, bingo or when purchasing lotto tickets. The color green is an emotionally positive color and associated with success, money and drawing good luck.