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  • Yellow / Amarilla candle

    Yellow / Amarilla candle


    The color yellow is associated with unity, success, activity, creativity, inspiration and to invoke spirits. Burn a yellow candle to accomplish a particular goal. Burn a yellow candle to call on a saint or spirit.

  • Blanca candle

    White / Blanca candle


    The color white is associated with purity, sincerity, generosity, expansion, cleansing, innocence and prophesy. Burn a white candle to cleanse your home of evil spirits. Burn a white candle to restore your faith in religion or trust in a person.

  • Rojo candle

    Red / Rojo candle


    The color red is associated with courage, energy, strength, will power, conceit, vitality and magnetism. Burn a red candle to find your soul mate or improve the chemistry in your romantic relationship. Burn a red for strength in the face of pain and grief and for empowerment.

  • Purple / Morada candle

    Purple / Morada candle


    The color purple is associated with dignity, ambition, wisdom, independence, protection, psychic powers and pride. Burn a purple candle to develop clairvoyant and psychic talents. Burn a purple candle for protection from envy and negative influences.

  • Rosa candle

    Pink / Rosa candle


    The color pink is associated with affection, love, diplomacy, guidance and femininity.

    Burn a pink candle to improve communication in a romantic relationship. Burn a pink candle to improve your relationship with close friends.

  • Orange / Naranjo candle

    Orange / Naranjo candle


    The color orange is associated with enthusiasm, friendship, attraction, stimulation, self-control and intellect. Burn an orange candle for self motivation and to overcome depression. Burn an orange candle to improve or build your social circle.

  • Green / Verde candle

    Green / Verde candle


    The color green is associated with abundance, health, fertility, success, luck, money, ambition, greed, and envy. Burn a green candle for gambling, to win at lotto and casino games, to overcome an illness and when you are having financial problems. Burn a green candle if you are having a difficult time conceiving and for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Brown / Café candle

    Brown / Café candle


    The color brown is associated with concentration, indecision, telepathic power, study, and communication. Burn a brown candle for mental balance and to help you manage stress. Burn a brown candle if you want to improve your school grades.

  • Blue / Azul candle

    Blue / Azul candle


    The color blue is associated with inspiration, wisdom, loyalty, serenity, kindness, honesty, and peace. Burn a blue candle if there is a lot of tension in your home and your family is fighting. Burn a blue candle if someone is lying to you and want the truth to be revealed.

  • Black / Negra candle

    Black / Negra candle


    The color black is associated with elegance, mystery, fear, death and evil. Burn a black candle to protect yourself from witch craft, evil spirits, the evil eye, and black magic. Burn a black candle if you want to feel stylish and graceful in appearance.

  • 7 colors / 7 Colores candle

    7 colors / 7 Colores candle


    Burn the 7 color candle for spiritual healing, love and money spells, for protection from black magic, and for a positive guidance.

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