San Martin Caballero from the Mexico Latino prospective


In the history of the Catholic religion, there have only been two Saint Martins. The Saint Martin de Porres who was recently canonized and the famous Saint Martin of tours. Saint Martin of tours is a popular figure in Latin America where he is known as San Martin Caballero. In Latin “Caballero” means ‘horse rider” which explains why he is referred to as Saint Martin of tours.

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San Martin Caballero was born in Hungary when the Roman Empire was at the helm of power. He was later forced to serve in the Roman army where he served as a centurion. However, San Martin Caballero would later resign from his position in the army after he had a life to change the experience. During one of his horse rides, San Martin Caballero came across a beggar who was almost naked. Saint Martin of tours did the noble thing by cutting his cloak in half in order to give the beggar cover. Later that night, San Martin Caballero had a dream where the beggar appeared to him as Jesus and this is when he quit the army.

After leaving the army, San Martin Caballero travelled to Italy where he became a monk and after some time, he was promoted to become the bishop of Tours in France. Even after the promotion, San Martin Caballero continued to lead a simple life while devoting himself to charity. Courtesy of his charitable deeds, San Martin Caballero is regarded as the Patron Saint of people who believe that strangers will come to their aid.

In Mexico, San Martin Caballero is most popular among shopkeepers. These shopkeepers depend on the kindness of strangers to make ends meet. In addition, the shopkeepers also rely on truck drivers who relate Caballero’s horsemanship to their way of making a living. On the other hand, Caballero is also popular among gamblers. This is because they believe that the horse he rode is related to the lucky horseshoe.

San Martin Caballero is certainly the epitome of luck among the Latin community. Saint Martin Caballero is also the figure that is normally found on lucky charms and amulets. More to that, his deeds are a source of hope for those who believe that they can benefit from strangers or even luck. San Martin Caballero’s popularity was derived from his human acts and the life-changing experience he had undergone. Being the oldest Saint Martin in the history of the Catholic Church, it is evident that he made a significant contribution to the church and had a huge impact on the lives of the needy.

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  1. My Mother gave this saint to me for financial reasons. He’s been a part of me for many years. My parents were devoted Catholics. Everything said about him is truly a fact in my life. I believe in him in him deeply..

  2. No. We believe in San Martin Cabellero because of our belief in God and not because of luck. We believe that this saint will intercede for us if we pray to him. Whowever wrote this piece clearly has no knowledge of God and of saints. I pray for conversation of sinners. San Martin pray for the soul of Angela. Pray that she may come to believe in God, in the Church, in you.