Store History

Tex Mex Curios Store History

Tex-Mex Curios Incorporated is a privately held company that continues to be owned and operated by the original family. For over 70 years, we have been selling products for the mind, body and spirit.

In 1944 Angelita and Alfonso Orea, our grandparents purchased the Tex-Mex News Stand from a local merchant. After the acquisition, Mr. and Mrs. Orea expanded the business from a news stand and general store to include herbal remedies, natural medicine and mystical products. The business continues to grow as a Historical Landmark in the Corpus Christi community. The Orea’s vision to offer natural products and services to their community that aid in the healing of the mind, body and spirit continues to be the staple voice of the of the Tex-Mex Curios family today

Tex-Mex Herb shop offers top quality herbal teas, herbal blend combinations, herbal supplements and medicinal spices at good prices! Tex-Mex Herb shop also sells old fashion natural medicine which has been selling on the market for decades. Liniments and creams for aches and pain; Ointments, creams and soaps for body and facial skin care. Hair remedies for hair growth and top quality aloe vera gel.

Herbal and natural products

Our team takes pride in researching the best available herbal and natural products on the market. In addition, we specialize in hard to find Mexican herbs. Tex-Mex Candle shop sells popular fixed candles for love, good luck, work, money, protection, spiritual healing and guidance. We also offer private candle burning services on this site.

Tex-Mex Magic shop sells products such incense, sage, spiritual oils, perfumes and soaps, good luck charms, crystals, tarot cards complete ritual sets and spiritual waters. Private cleansing services are also available in the Tex-Mex magic shop. The Tex-Mex religious shop sells religious products for spiritual healing and protection.

We have been privileged to have served our customers since 1944 and greatly appreciate the countless relationships that we have formed. Our customer’s needs our top priority and the products on our websites reflect what our customers ask for on a daily basis. Our mission and vision is to continue to offer products that have been part of our civilization for hundreds of years.

We welcome you to our site and look forward to a long lasting relationship.