Jobs – Trabajos

We combine our healing energies to perform a powerful ritual for you, for protection, envy, to resolve a court case, for justice, love, cleansing or prosperity. After a private discussion we address your problem and make a plan.

This powerful private ritual service includes the following:

  • Special cleansing by Doron, cleansing from the holy land of Jerusalem. (In person or via phone) Feel the vibrations!!!
  • Ana will select a special set of 3 candles which she will dress with herbs, oils, crystal, seeds & parchment paper to address your problems
  • 3 week private altar series
  • A personal spiritual prayer will be conducted especially for you and your situation, combined with a healing prayer session to address your specific issues

Book a private cleansing, candle altar & a personal prayer session with us today $99.

The trabajos/jobs available Monday – Saturday.

We are 3rd generation Healers who combine our spiritual energies to provide hope, solutions, positive outcomes, new beginnings, new directions, new mental and spiritual attitudes, and guidance to help you find the right path in your life. The methods we use are a combination of traditional Mexican magic rituals and antique Healings from Jerusalem, the Holy Land. Our prayer sessions and candle sessions are in English, in Spanish and in Hebrew.

We heal through a mixture of prayer healings, candle work, herbal magic, natural herbal medicine, traditional Catholic prayers, antique Aztec prayers, crystal power, sage blessings, incense cleansings, spiritual water magic, healing with the Elements and antique talismanic preparations. Our joint efforts combine unique healings and prayers from antique Hebrew and Mexican secret blessings and timeless rituals passed down through generations. This powerful combination brings forth powerful results and powerful illuminations. We have helped thousands of customers and have developed beautiful and intimidate relationships with them throughout the years.

We combine Mexican Magic which dates back centuries and timeless traditional candle work and Healings from the Holy Land. We are truly grateful for all knowledge and the gifts that our ancestors have blessed us with and grateful to all of our beautiful customers that believe and trust us.

Once purchased you will be called or emailed to discuss your situation.

We wish you good health, love & blessings and look forward to a long lasting personal relationship

Doron and Ana Maria Avaknin.

Please note, Doron and Ana reserve the right to refuse their service and any time. We only perform and practice positive spiritual prayers and blessings.