How to burn Sage to Cleanse

White Sage 10"

How to use a sage smudge stick

The practice of sage smudging is an ancient and powerful ritual and used to drive out negative energies, negative spirits, negative people and negative influences.

To smudge a sage bundle, use a sage stick (a wand of dried leaves tied together as you see in the image). You can use sage to cleanse yourself, your home or your business. Our sage bundles are top quality and handpicked by Native American Indians.

Instructions on how to burn Sage

  1. Light your smudge stick and have a small bowl of sand or dirt ready to catch the ashes as they fall.
  2. Start at the front door of your home or business and circle the sage 3 times as your move to the left of the room. As an option, you can draw 3 crosses as the smudge stick smokes. This sage cleansing process starts the removal of negative energies circulating in your environment or on you personally.
  3. Recite your favorite prayer during the sage cleansing process and meditate on your desires.
  4. Continue walking around the entire house or business, moving left until you return to the front door where you started from. Cleanse every room in the home or business, including bathrooms and closets.
  5. Smother the sage in your bowl filled with sand or dirt. Repeat these steps for 2 more days. Take a day off and continue for 3 more days. After you have cleared the negative energy, you can light Sage any day of the week, however, Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days to burn Sage. We recommend that you sage on a regular basis to maintain peace and balance in your life.

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